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What Next for US Oil Demand?

US oil consumption peaked twelve years ago in 2005, at 40.3 quadrillion btu. And, since the great recession ended, US oil consumption has made a weak recovery from lower levels. Last year, US oil consumption reached 36.02 quadrillion btu; still more than 10% below the 2005 peak. None of this is surprising. Nor is it […]

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The Clock Ticks Down on Gas Powered Cars

You are probably thinking recent, aspirational announcements by Britain, Germany, India, and China to eventually phase out the sale of gas-powered cars is the kind of shock to the system that will rouse the global auto industry into action. The industry is of course already on high alert to the threat from EV, shared transport, […]

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Car Clarities Begin to Appear: Bring on the EV

Many predictions are fielded, but few are chosen. With 2017 fully underway, it’s now possible to sober up a little about the future direction of cars. First, Silicon Valley is not going to manufacture automobiles. Not EV, and not AV either. That the Valley would not enter the competitive, low-margin business of auto?manufacturing was never […]

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Not the Road Ahead

A broad claim?made in favor of autonomous vehicles (AV) is that their eventual deployment will usher in a massive reduction in national vehicle fleets. It’s an appealing image: our cities emptied out of excess vehicle inventory, and lots of real estate and automobile infrastructure converted to human-centered uses. In September of last year, the co-founder?of […]

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